TICN & ATCIS Power System
    • Vehicle-mounted
    • Integrated Power
      Control Device

Produce Generators, UPS systems and Components for Power Systems in Army TICN and ATCIS with national defense standards.

  • * TICN : Tactical Information & Communication Network
  • * ATCIS : Army Tactical Command & Information System
Wind Turbine & Inverter

Produce small size turbines, generators, and inverter for wind power systems.
Motors and inverters for electric.

Aircraft Ground Support Equipment
(Licensed Co-Production)
  • Combo Equipment
    (Generator + Air Conditioner)
  • Air Conditioner
  • Ground Power Unit
  • Liquid Cooling Unit

Joint production and supply the world-class GSE for aircraft.
Especially the combo equipment provides excellent performance and convenience.

  • * GSE : Ground Support Equipment